Bedfordshire Counselling

Why Counselling?

Personal issues can feel overwhelming, and there is value in exploring these with someone with whom we feel comfortable, can trust, is compassionate, and who is professionally trained. Friends and family can be supportive. But they are sometimes too emotionally involved to be objective in helping you find what is best for you. You may feel that you do not want to burden them with your worries and concerns. It may be you feel your emotions are negatively affecting the things you love and enjoy doing, like relationships, work, hobbies or your physical health. Then counselling could help you to understand these difficulties and to see things in a more positive way.

Why Now?

Your current difficulties may have their roots in the past. Yet they often have a continuing powerful influence on your present day to day problems. Counselling aims to provide you with a place where you can be free to discuss whatever is currently troubling you in a private, confidential space. Therapy will help you when you feel motivated and ready to seek change. It is understandable that the thought of beginning counselling may feel daunting and uncomfortable. I have a good understanding of this. Please look at the About me page for more information and some reassurance.

Why psychodynamic counselling?

The psychodynamic therapy approach seeks to increase your self-awareness and understanding of how the past has influenced your present thoughts and patterns of relating. This type of therapy can help you deal with emotional and psychological difficulties by taking a compassionate, honest and serious look at what troubles you.

I will encourage you to explore any unresolved issues and conflicts, to talk about important people and relationships in your life. You can then begin to make changes in the way you understand and manage your thoughts and feelings, gradually changing how you relate to yourself and others in a positive, real way.

Therapy may be time limited, using 6, 8 or 12 sessions to work through a specific problem or an issue that you decide to work on. Or we can work in an open-ended way thinking about a wider range of difficulties, working towards achieving a more sustainable change for you. This would be agreed between us at the beginning and we would plan the ending by reviewing your progress periodically, ending when you are ready.

Counselling issues

Counselling can help you with specific issues such as:—

  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Bereavement
  • Loneliness
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Loss of a loved one, job, role, retirement
  • Anger
  • Cancer
  • Addressing emotional difficulties in living with disability or long term illness.
  • Anxiety
  • Disability, ill health, or cancer in a close relative or friend.
  • Work place stress and/or bullying

Occasionally some other therapy service may a better choice. In this case I will try to help you find another professional person or service.

Other sources of support:—

If you would like more information about my counselling service, how I may be able to help you, or to make an initial appointment (this will be at a reduced rate) please call me for an informal chat on 07706741086, or contact me by email:— or complete the form on the practicalities page.

Do look at the ‘Practicalities’ page for more details.